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        又名:The Good Death

        主演:Janette Butlin Bridget Convey Simon Convey Erika Preisig 

        導演:Tomas Krupa 






          Terminally ill Janette wants to die with dignity, but it’s not possible in the UK, where she lives. She therefore decides for assisted suicide. She must plan her journey to Switzerland before her rapidly advancing disease makes it impossible. The question of whether we own our own lives or whether they own us is the primary impetus behind this documentary portrait, which shows that death can be good despite the sadness that always accompanies it. The film, with dramatically suggestive camera work, uses feature film techniques, and engaging characters and stories of their loved ones are interwoven with Janette’s story.  "Let's talk about death because we will all die someday. The question is: can we choose when and how? I think we should." T. Krupa《美好的死亡》The Good Death是一部由實力派演員Janette Butlin,Bridget Convey,Simon Convey,Erika Preisig等人主演,由優秀導演Tomas Krupa辛苦拍攝的紀錄片,美好的死亡于2018年在其它地區上映。喜歡巨龍戰紀美好的死亡,請一定要分享和收藏起來我們的網址,方便下次再來觀看美好的死亡。




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